Leveling Caster

Leveling Caster

Your BuildPro™ table can be both mobile and fully stationary.

Lebih detail

These compact, heavy duty leveling casters are the simple way to move and level your BuildPro™ Welding Table. Turn the thumbwheel to lower the wheels and move the table.

Part No.

Capacity ( LBS )


Weight (LBS.)


1,100 / ea.



Caster Application 1

Leveling casters allow you to level, and easily move your table around the shop.
Caster Application 2
Casters roll smoothly, and lock securely so your table can be mobile, or stationary.
Caster Application 3
Turn the thumbwheel to lower the wheels, and level the BuildPro™ Table.
Caster Application 3
6-1/2' BuildPro™ Tables require 6 casters, 4' Tables require 4 casters.