Cutting with the aid of a laser beam is a thermal cutting process that is used primarily with plate-shaped materials. It enables precise and fast processing, even in the case of complex outlines and low minimum batch sizes.
In laser cutting, the focused laser beam is absorbed at the front of the kerf, applying the energy required for cutting. At the same time, gas protects the focusing optics against vapors and spatter, and removes debris from the kerf.


KUKA Systems optimally adapts the automation components, such as beam source, optics, robot and workpiece fixture, and the laser cutting process to the specific task requirements. Solutions range from manually-loaded robotic cells to linked automatic production facilities. Flexible workpiece handling at a stationary laser head is also possible.


3D laser cutting enables very high process speeds and combines high-quality cut edges with optimal material utilization. Furthermore, non-contact cutting with a laser beam is possible with a small heat-affected zone. This means that deformation of the material when trimming panels or cutting openings in components that have already been joined is largely prevented.