Torch neck change system ATS-ROTOR

Torch neck change system ATS-ROTOR

Advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Integrated SPC (industrial standard) for connection to the robot control
  • Extremely easy to install and put into operation
  • Increase in plant availability
  • Change between different neck geometries for complex welding tasks
  • Torch necks are changed in seconds
  • Lightweight complex aluminium frame with low-maintenance pneumaticcylinders
  • Suitable for MIG/MAG WH/PP welding torches and TIG welding torchABITIG® WH

Technical Data

Dimensions  660 mm wide, 416 mm high (plus 100 mm stroke)
 Weight approx. 31 kg 
 Ambient temperature 5º – 50 ºC 
 Protection class I (acc. to DIN 57 106) 
 Connection G1/4‘‘ 
Clear width   min. Ø 6 mm
 Nominal pressure  6 bar
 Air consumption  1.5 l
 Electrical data  
Supply voltage   24 V DC 
Power consumption   50 W
 Tolerated residual ripple  Vss < 10 %