Robot mount CAT2

Robot mount CAT2


  • Robot mountCAT2-HL and CAT2

More details

Advantages that speak for themselves:

  • Variable deflection in all directions
  • Immediate stop with safety margin in case of collision
  • Optimised resetting accuracy minimises line downtimes
  • Precise switching points thanks to innovative switching behaviour
  • Especially suitable for precise light gauge sheet metal applications
  • Easy to service thanks to visual functional display for fast fault analysis
  • Protected attachment screws for quick service replacement

Technical Data

Robot mounts CAT2 and CAT2-HL 

Corner width 75 mm; width across flats 65 mm;

height 87 mm (robot flange to release flange) 

 Weight approx. 630 g 
  approx. 850 g (inc. holder and flange) 
Maximum deflection

- Deflection in the X and Y plane 10–14°depending on spring

- Deflection in the Z plane 4–8 mm dependingon spring 

Triggering of the  
 emergency switch

- Rotation about the Z-axis 0.5°–1°

- Deflection in the X and Y plane approx. 1.5°

- Deflection in the Z plane approx. 0.5–1 mm 

 Resetting accuracy

< +/– 0.04 mm

(at 300 mm distance to the robot flange) 

 Load capacity safety  
 cut-out 24 V DC, max. 100 mA