PRO-35 ADA ATEX | Pneumatic Mag Drill

PRO-35 ADA ATEX | Pneumatic Mag Drill

PRO-35 ADA ATEX is an extremely small portable air drilling machine designed for work on any construction site and industrial installations where electric appliances are prohibited for safety reasons.

More details

It conforms to ATEX II 2 G/D c IIC T6/T4 Standard for equipment used in hazardous environments.

Motor power
800 W
Motor speed
(under load)
240 rpm
17 kg
Core drill 
max Ø 35 mm
Twist drill
max Ø 16 mm
max Ø 35 mm
Depth of cut
up to 25 mm
39 mm

  • Compact design for space restricted areas
    Protection against motor start-up when magnetic base is not activated
    Through spindle cooling system
    Working in out of positions
    Portable and easy for transportation
    Feed lever can be fixed from either side