PRO-60/110 HP | Portable Hydraulic Punchers

PRO-60/110 HP | Portable Hydraulic Punchers

Portable, double-action hydraulic punchers are an easy to handle, modern machines designed for punching holes with diamater up to 27mm. 

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Intelligent control system and automatic load detection ensure safe and fast operation. Optional accessories enable customization of work place and improve punching efficiency.

Double action hydraulic movement
Oval hole
max Φ 27mm
Oblong hole
max 25 x 18 mm
Punching time
5 s (PRO-60)
8 s (PRO-110)
Max throat depth
60 mm (PRO-60)
110 mm (PRO-110)
Material thickness
13 mm (PRO-60)
16 mm (PRO-110)
Punching power
35 ton (PRO-60)
47 ton (PRO-110)
20 kg (PRO-60)
35 kg (PRO-110)

  • Ready to work with any type of standard overhead balancers
    Wide range of special-shaped standard and oblong punches and dies
    Easy to handle in both vertical and horizontal positions
    Hoist set

    Hoist arm and 2 supports with wheels allow for easy manipulation of punch and power pack as single unit.

    Bench top stand with foot pedal

    Foot pedal machine control in hands free operation on bench top configuration.

    Wheel puncher slide

    Permits smooth and efficient lineal movement along the workpiece.