SWD 5000, 8200

SWD  5000, 8200

Model SWD 5000 , 8200

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Special seamwelding equipment to weld pipes and tanks of stainless steel, mild steel or alluminium. Largest deliverd machine offers clamping length of 8200mm.

These machines are tailormade according to customers demand and specification, ranging between 5000 mm and 8200 mm welding length.

Longitudinal seam welding equipment for welding cylindrical and conical workpieces, thin metal sheets and plates. The collets and positioning strut ensure optimal positioning for the welding process. The longitudinal seam welding unit is designed for plasma and TIG welding processes.

The welding machine is integrated in the control cabinet. Therefore no additional installations required.

Theses special purpose machines shall serve as examples, whereas given technical data act as indication and vary according to specifications.

Model SWD 5000  8200 
Clamping leng [mm]   5000  8200
Material thickness [mm]  2 – 4   4 – 8
Min. internal diameter* [mm]  1500  1500 
Max. external diameter [mm]  2700  2600 
Welding speed [m/min]  0.1 – 4  0.1 – 4