Pipe Prefabrication Production Line (Huaheng)

Pipe Prefabrication Production Line (Huaheng)

The system is designed for pipe pre-fabrication.

Lebih detail

Joint Connection Type
Butt to Butt, Angle Joint Circumferencial Seam Welding System
Welding Process
Carbon Steel, Heat Resistant Steel, Low Carbon Steel Alloy, Stainless Steel etc
Diameter of Pipe
Various, Please Check with Company
Length of Pipe Various, Please Check with Company
Application Industry
Petrochemical, Shipbuilding, Oil and Gas, etc.



 The system is designed for pipe pre-fabrication. The welding station and designing are chosen according to productivity requirement. All welding stations are connected by an effective logistics system, realizing all work processes, e.g. length fixing & cutting, beveling, fitting up, spot welding, root pass welding, filling, and capping, and increasing efficiency of pre-fabrication;

 Fixed length solves the issue of automatic root pass processing in pre-fabrication;

 Using stable PLC controller to ensure stable welding system work and reduce the fault rate;

 Welding station can be transported by container, that is easy to meet field operation and relocation requirements;

 Modular design for reducing time for designing and producing, beneficial to both production and maintenance;

 Be widely used in shipbuilding and construction machinery industry;