KR 180 R2900 PRIME

KR 180 R2900 PRIME

More streamlined and lighter, yet extremely stiff and precise. For shorter cycle times, maximum path accuracy and high energy efficiency. KR QUANTEC prime is the new performance class for spot welding and much more. With a weight saving of 160 kg, unchanged reach and payload capacity, the KR 180 R2900 prime opens up a whole new range of mounting options.

Lebih detail


Payload 180 kg
Supplementary payload 50 kg

Working envelope

Max. reach 2896 mm

Other data and variants

Number of axes 6
Repeatability ±0,06 mm
Weight 1106 kg
Mounting positions Floor
Controller KR C4
Protection class IP 65
Suitable for this application
Handling, loading and unloading   Packaging and order picking   Other handling operations
Welding and soldering   Arc welding   Spot welding
Laser welding   Other welding processes   Soldering
Metal casting machines, foundry plants   Application of adhesives and sealants   Other coating operations
Machining   Laser cutting   Waterjet cutting
Machining   Other machining operations   Assembly
Fastening   Plastics processing machines   Inserting, mounting
Other assembly/disassembly operations   Service applications   Other applications
Forging plants   Forming machine tools   Cutting machine tools
Handling for other machines   Measuring, testing and inspection   Palletizing