The Speed Test Challenge :
How Fast Can You Cut?
How To Optimize SilverEX-® Cutting Speed.


The fact is silver conduct electricity better than copper. So Thermacut engineered an electrode from end to end using solid, pure silver and combined it with special alloys (that's a secret!) to increase overall durability. The cutting results are simply amazing! Because more power is delivered directly to the cut, you can dramatically increasing your cutting speed up to 40%!
More power, more speed.

But silver has another unique property. It transfers heat better than copper which means your torch with a SilverEX-® Electrode will run cooler. The cooler your torch operates, the longer all of your consumables will last.
Run cooler, run longer.

So what happens your torch head is running faster and cooler? You get better cuts! Your kerf widths are tighter, angles are better and since you're removing less material, you'll have less slag to clean up.
Better precision, better production.

Of course, seeing is believing. How much faster can you cut with SilverEX-® Electrodes? Take the speed test challenge described on the next page and see for your-self. But first, call your friendly Thermacut distributor for a free sample of SilverEX-® Electrode.