-Suitable for MIG/MAG welding of steel sheets, stainless steel and aluminum welding with a perfect arc ignition every time, either using CO2 or mix gases

Lebih detail

-Professional and well proven machines with inverter technology robust designed with stepless controls and digital A/V display. Separate wire feeder makes it easy to move the machine over any obstacles

-High demand technology, versatile and user friendly welding machine with optimal welding properties. Simple parameter adjustment, less energy, easy handle to increase productivity and cost efficiency .

-Good Start and Burn Back Device, the power source is equipped with a self adaptive start feature to control wire feed speed during arc starting and the burn back device removes the tip ball after welding for a good and smooth start


 Specifications THERMA MIG  500S
Input power voltage - frequency  380 V (3 Phase) ± 15% - 50/60 Hz
Rated power supply capacity  24 KVA
Welding current adjustment range  30 - 500 A
Welding voltage adjustment range  15 - 40 V
No-load voltage  65 V
Feed speed adjustment range  1.5 - 16 m/min
Welding wire diameter applicable  1.2 - 16 mm
Rated duty cycle  60%
Efficiency  85%
Power factor  0.93
Protection class  IP 23
Insulation class  F
Dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 335 x 640 mm
Weight  33 kg
Order #  2085.12.551