Kemppi Arc System 2.0 – ArcQuality

Kemppi Arc System 2.0 – ArcQuality

High quality welded construction is carried out against approved welding procedures, under strict quality control. But how strict? And was that welding procedure really followed?

Lebih detail

Kemppi Arc System and its module ArcQuality, provide the simple, but formal solution to ensure conformance to set welding quality standards. Of course customers may have slightly different demands in order to meet their local site needs and integrate ArcQuality to their existing quality system, so Kemppi project team can tailor most needs through client consultation and project development.

System highlights

• Monitors compliance to the WPS
• Ensures welders hold valid qualification
• Creates non-conformance reports
• Automates data collection
• Reduces rework costs
• Supports the welder, quality and management personnel
• Reports arc and non-arc time
• Includes a welding fleet management tool
• Anticipates service needs and records service history
• Designed for monitoring MIG/MAG welding
• Web based reporting
• WLAN technology

How it works

Before welding commences, the operative’s first task is to log into the ArcQ system using the ArcQuality Smart Reader. By scanning the bar code on their personnel identification name tag, the welders professional qualifications are identified. 

Scanning and recording the WPS bar code ensures such variables as qualifications are suitable and in date. Filler material and shielding gas selection is also scanned, compared and verified.

The ArcQuality Smart reader LCD screen communicates WPS compliance or deviation using bright green or red screen alerts, ensuring the welder is reliably informed and able to take suitable corrective action if required before welding, avoiding wasted time and costly rework.

Quality office reporting monitors welding activity and WPS compliance from all ArcQuality active work stations, allowing swift supervisory intervention should local warnings have been missed or ignored.

View ArcQuality data records securely from any location worldwide.

At a glance

ArcQuality is an easy and comprehensive way of controlling that all welding procedure specifications are followed and that welders are suitably qualified. The system reports non-conformance in real time and automatically collects welding data for quality documentation, offering traceability up to individual welds.

ArcQuality is compatible with all euro connected MIG/MAG equipment, transferring data via a wireless LAN. Serving single or multiple site users, ArcQuality provides clear and factual reporting, plus worldwide read access via a secure, cloud based service.

ArcQuality reporting is clear and concise, measuring and recording WPS conformity or deviation.

Qualitative records

Client consultation and project development ensures ArcQuality meets your needs. ArcQuality Smart reader records and compares information to the WPS.

Validate welding quality

An excellent solution for immediate, local quality control, ArcQuality provides many practical advantages for both production, quality and managerial teams involved. ArcQuality supports both MIG/MAG welding process, where stringent demands for operator competence, parameter setting and materials conformity are extremely important. All data is recorded within the ArcQuality system, stored and available to support the combined welding quality records. 

Suits multiple site management

ArcQuality provides beyond the immediate local team needs. Multiple site businesses can specify remote read access using an innovative ‘cloud’ based information share system, allowing ArcQuality report activity to be viewed securely from any location worldwide. By simply logging into and reviewing any welding site connected to your network, ArcQuality will keep you up to date and help monitor and manage project quality and performance at distance.

Standards conformance