Alarm unit Floalarm K8

Alarm unit Floalarm K8

Product features

  • Alarm unit as 8-channel-version
  • For connection of 8 digital input signals such as contact pressure gauges or pressure switches
  • Suitable for transducers accoring to NAMUR-spezification (e.g. inductive sensors)
  • All channels are individually progammable as normally closed or normally open contact
  • Delay mode (5 sec.) is integarated for all channels
  • Potential-free output as normally closed or normally open
  • Visible alarm (diodes integrated in keypad)
  • Acoustic alarm (integrated piezo-buzzer)
  • Plastic housing for wall and panel mounting
Technical data
Protection class:
Dimensions (WxHxD):

IP 65
200 x 120 x 77 mm
Compatibility inputs
- mechanical switches
- electr. switches PNP/NPN (DC only)
- inductive switches type NAMUR
Potential free output
Max. switchable voltage:
Max. switchable load:
Configurable as:

220 V AC
1 A
Power supply voltage
Max. power input:

220 V / 50-60 Hz
8 VA
Power input inactive:
Power input activated: