SpectroMOLTerdapat 5 produk-produk

High purity gases are used in many different industrial and laboratory applications. Some of these applications have a very low tolerance of impurities such as oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons, sulphur compounds and others. Even trace amounts of these impurities can interfere with certain analytical processes..

For this reason, Messer offer a range of gas purification systems which can specifically remove impurities down to 30ppb and lower.

The purification system concept is modular and user-friendly. They are designed to be used universally, quickly and safely in laboratories and industry.

Various cartridge sizes are available, offering purification solutions for gas flows from ml/min up to even 100 m3/h.

The removal processes involved are based on Chemisorption or Physisorption.

The size of the purification systems depends on the application parameters. Spectromol purification systems can be implemented as central gas purification or as point-of-use purification.