VOYAGER equipment is a robotized system working on more axes for resistance spot or projection welding of work pieces placed in proper jigs. Flexibility, productivity and easy programming are the main features of VOYAGER equipment, suitable also for small series mesh and of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium lamination parts.


Features and Advantages

  • Flexible programmable CNC system for positioning and welding at high and constant productivity.
  • Easy programming thanks to the teach-in software of the control.
  • Programmable control for the independent adjustment of the welding parameters for each single spot.
  • Possibility of welding on different levels thanks to programmable Z1 (pre-stroke of upper electrodes) and Z2 (stroke of the lower counter electrode) axes.


Equipment Configuration

The equipment can be customized depending on the customer's needs.  Option are as follows:

  • Axis number
  • Axis stroke length
  • Welding head number
  • Welding process configuration

   -  Spot welding

   -  Projection welding

  • Welding technology

   -  1000 Hz Medium Frequency

   -  50 Hz single phase transformer with DC secondary current