Inverter technology designed with stepless controls anddigital display, stable performance can be fine-tunedeasily and accurately without peer

High demand technology, compact built, light weight,consumes less energy than conventional power source,easy handle to increase productivity and cost efficiency

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 Specifications THERMA DYNA MIG 5600M
Input voltage (V) 3 phase 380-415
Input voltage (A)  36
Power capacity (KVA) 23.7
Current Adjustment Range (A) 60-550
Output voltage 17-35
Duty cycle (%) 100
Power factory 0.93
Efficiency (%) 85
Wire feeder separate
Post flow time

1 s

Coil diameter (mm) 270
Wire diameter (mm) 1.0/1.2
Main machine size (mm) 920 x 340 x 600
Overalll weight (kg) 44
Applicable board thickness (mm) above 1.5
Insulation class F
Enclosure protection degree IP23


Multi purpose Application, the machine provides varying functions suitable for the MIG / MAG welding , MMA welding , FCAW, Aluminumwelding, Arc Gouging and for TIG welding with TIG function.

Good Start and Burn Back Device,the power source equipped witha self adaptive start feature tocontrol wire feed speed duringarc starting, burn back deviceremoves the tip ball after weldingfor a good and smooth star

Low spatter for mild steel,stainless steel, and aluminum

Optional Water Cooling Systemsuitable for gouging only up to 6mm

MIG accessories

Abicor Binzel Mig Torch AB Grip 50.6, 3m

- Earth Clamp + Cable

- CO2 Heater Regulator

- Interface cable 6m

- Feed roll Ø 1.0 - 1.6 mm

Optional TIG Accessories

- Abicor Binzel TIG Torch SR 26 V

- Typhoon Argon Regulator

Optional MMA Accessories

- Electrode Holder+Cable,3m

- Abicor binzel Gouging Torch G 4000

- Automatic Welding Helmet ADF 600S