Tapping points Spectrolab plus EE55

Product features

  • Spectrolab© plus - systems incorporate the functions shut-off, pressure regulation and pressure indication in one compact, ergonomic unit.
  • For corrosive and toxic gases and gas mixtures up to quality 6.0
  • Laboratory-style design
  • Ergonomically designed
  • The pressure regulator is diaphragm sensed for outlet pressures up to 10 bar and piston sensed for higher outlet pressure values.
  • The acetone resistant pressure gauge is safely integrated into the adjusting handwheel to create an extremely compact device.
  • The diaphragm-type shut-off valve engages in the open and closed position respectively and has an additional indicator on the adjusting knob.
  • All gas-wetted components have undergone the special SPECTROCLEAN© cleaning process and have been thoroughly baked out.
  • All equipment has been 100%-helium-leak-tested using a mass-spectrometer.
  • All components are plastic-coated resistant to acid and alkaline solutions.
Technical data
Other gas-wetted 
Valve stem:
Valve seat:
Body coating:

stainless steel 316L
Hastelloy C276

stainless steel 316L
stainless steel 316L
Polypropylene GF30
In- / outlets

G 3/8” LH
1/8” -27 NPT female
Temperature range
-30°C to +60°C
Leak rate 1 x 10-8 mbar l/s He
Pressure ranges
Inlet pressure P1 
P2 up to 10 bar:
P2 > 10 bar:
Max. outlet pressure P2:

max. 40 bar
max. 60 bar
1,5 / 5 / 10 / 50 bar
P2 up to 10 bar:
P2 > 10 bar:

700 g
800 g