G3001 Safety Helmet

G3001 Safety Helmet

The Non Vented 3M™ Safety Helmets have the same great features as the standard G2000 and G3000 helmets but with additional approval for 440Vac and 1000Vac Electrical Insulation (EN 50365).

The Electrical Insulation test method is to immerse the shell for 24 hours in 3 grams per litre of salt water. A current is passed through electrodes which are positioned both inside and outside the helmet. The maximum electrical leakage allowed is 1.2mA for 30 secs at 1200V a.c.

Product Code G3001 
 Approval  EN 50365
 Size 54 - 62cm 
 Weight  310 g
Shell Material  UV-Stablised ABS 
 Helmet Type  1000Vac Dielectric
 Helmet Protection


-30°C Low Temperature Performance 

Molten Metal Splashes