„Weld more efficiently – optimise shielding gas consumption.“, The Regula EWR-PRO MIG/MAG reduces your gas consumption by up to 60%.

More details

Regula EWR-PRO TIG is the name of our patented regulator for TIG welding. Beside the unit itself the package includes a shunt for welding up to 150 Amp and a power supply for between 100V to 230VAC which comes with an adapter for ether Euro, UK, USA, Australia, Japan etc. The package also includes an installation manual.

It is also possible to get a shunt for welding up to 300 Amp and there is a converter for power supply between 20 to 48V AC or DC.
The Regula EWR-PRO TIG gas regulator is the result of a unique patented technology from Regula Systems AB.
It regulates the gas flow according to the Amperage that is being used when welding, it measures the Amperage thru the shunt and adjusts the gas flow automatically while welding, it works with an incoming gas pressure of between 2-6 bars and delivers a gas flow between 2-19 liter/min.
It is very easy to optimize for your welding procedure and environment by using the buttons on the front panel.
The Regula EWR-PRO TIG is programmed for usage of Regula´s accessories (see accessories for TIG).