CONSTANT 2000 Single Stage

CONSTANT 2000 Single Stage

Pressure regulators for all technical gases, 200 bar and 300 bar technology.

  • Single Stage and double stage designs, versions with balanced main valve.
  • High operation reliability and long service life due to central filter (patent protected).
  • Doubly secured working pressure limit at maximum load.
  • Ergonomic handling and high operating comfort due to specially shaped adjusting hand wheels.
  • Available with all established connections in accordance to the respective country standards (special designs upon request).


CONSTANT 2000 comply with the standards :

  • DIN EN ISO 2503 : Pressure regulators for gas cylinders used in welding, cutting and allied processes up to 300 bar.
  • DIN EN 13918 : Integrated flowmeter regulators used on cylinders for welding, cutting and allied processes.


Approvals :

  • Oxygen : Employer's liability insurance association identification 1 BG 88
  • Acetylene : Qualification approval.

Maximum flow rate Cylinder connection Outlet connection Art No.
16 l/min W24,32 x 1/4" G 1/4, DN 6 717.05566