Molybdenum Products

  • Current Feeds

High heat resistance and conductivity are decisive characteristics of current feeds. 

  •  Shielding Elements 

Due to their high density, Molybdenum materials are used for shielding against radiation, used in measuring instruments for example, to prevent measuring errors.  

  • Furnace Components

In the construction of high-temperature furnaces, Molybdenum elements are used for lining and thermal shielding, since they have good thermal resistance.  

  • Lighting Components

Besides high temperature resistance and conductivity, also the coefficient of expansion, which is very similar to the one of glass, is decisive for this application.  

  • Sputter Targets

In the sputtering process, parts are detached from the sputter by ionic bombardment and then settle as a layer on a substrate to be coated. This is how glass for example is coated with molybdenum. Its coefficient of expansion is similar to the one of glass, which also furthers the use of Molybdenum in this case.   

  • Thermal Spray Wires

Molybdenum is widely used for coating parts of gear units and piston rings by flame spraying (thermal spraying) in order to improve wearing and abrasion. In this process, the molybdenum wire is melted and sprayed onto the substrate.