A7 TIG Orbital System 300

Multi-layer welding made easy

Professional mechanized TIG orbital welding system for multi-layer welding of pipes and tubes

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A7 TIG Orbital System 300 with open head clamp is the most advanced professional TIG orbital welding solution for multi-layer welding of tubes and pipes with an outer diameter of 25 – 355 mm. With the system, complicated high quality multi-layer welds become simple to weld with an easy-to-use auto-programming function and automatic height sensing. The system is suitable for a wide application area and can be used both for pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds. All functionalities such as controller, power source, and water cooling are integrated in one robust chassis. The system is operated with intuitive remote controller.


Key benefits


Compared to manual MMA welding.



Key applications


Oil rigs

Process pipelines





  • Gain significant savings in production time and amount of rework through easy to learn and use auto-programming.
  • Save in investment costs since the same equipment can be used for pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds.
  • Compact head design is ideal for smaller diameter pipe applications with limited radial and axial clearance around the weld.
  • Pulse technology produces consistently high-quality welding seam.
  • Automatic height sensing saves setup time and rework. No need to manually adjust the height during the welding cycle because the arc voltage control enables constant weld quality.
  • Optimum result is guaranteed also in most challenging cases because the weld head functionalities are designed to mimic all motions of a skilled welder.
  • All functions are accessible via one easy-to-use remote controller. Adaptive auto-programming makes it easy to set up the welding parameters using automatic calculation. Controller has a graphical user interface and clear color display. You can use the remote controller to create, modify, and manage programs.
  • Welding values and electrode movements can also be fine-adjusted during welding. The system automatically offers to adapt the welding program according to changes.
  • The heat-tolerant welding head with water-cooled housing is suitable for use on CrMo and other alloys that require preheating.
  • Programs can be stored in internal memory.
  • Welding parameters can be printed on paper or saved on a USB stick.
  • Integrated printer for printing the welding parameters on paper


The mechanized transportation of a welding head in A7 TIG Orbital System 300 provides a steady and accurate welding position. This enables stable welding quality and the use of optimized welding parameters during welding. As a result a shorter arc on time per weld is needed and the welder can weld more welds in a working day. The typical saving in welding time for A7 TIG Orbital System 300 is 35 % compared to manual MMA welding.


What's in the system

Kemppi A7 Open Head Clamp 300 product image

A7 Open Head Clamp 300

Open type weld head for pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting welds up to 350 mm diameter tubes. Different size guide rings available for fastening on the tube. Compact, water-cooled, heat-tolerant head design. Automatic height sensing. Includes 7,5 m cable.


Kemppi A7 Orbital Controller 300 product image

A7 Orbital Controller 300

Controller unit with integrated TIG welding power source and water cooler. Internal memory, USB port for memory stick and integrated printer.

Kemppi A7 TIG Remote Controller product image

A7 TIG Remote Controller

Controller unit with integrated TIG welding power source and water cooler. Internal memory, USB port for memory stick and integrated printer.

Kemppi Guide ring kit product image

Guide ring kit

Open head clamp is fastened on the tube with a suitable guide ring. Insertion kits can be used in guide rings to adapt them to smaller pipe diameters.