A3 MIG Rail System 2500

A3 MIG Rail System 2500

Simple efficiency

A compact, battery-driven mechanization solution for MIG welding


More details

A3 MIG Rail System 2500 is a simple and compact battery-driven solution for mechanized MIG welding and thermal cutting for applications where weaving is not needed. In mechanized welding, instead of welding by hand, the welding carriage carries the gun, making the arc movement steady. The handy system is an easy and cost effective choice for weld lengths exceeding 2 m as well as multi-layer welds. It is suitable for welding thick plates in medium-to-heavy industries, e.g. in shipbuilding, offshore, and general fabrication. The system can also be used for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. The smart WiseFusion process provides significant additional improvements in welding production efficiency.  



Kemppi A3 MIG Rail System 2500


Weld 25% faster with Kemppi WiseFusion process. 



No connection to another power source is needed as the model is battery operated.



Key applications



Oil rigs

General mechanical engineering




  • Unique Kemppi application software significantly improves the production efficiency.
  • Save setup time using a battery operated model
  • No cable costs
  • Lightweight carriage is easy to move around and lift on the rail
  • No connection to another power supply needed
  • Battery capacity for 8-hour operation
  • Battery is an industry standard version and commonly available
  • Easy-to-use. Simple operation with speed adjustment and change of direction.
  • Saves time in preparation and welding because the equipment is also suitable for thermal cutting.
  • Operates on the same flexible aluminum rails as A5 MIG Rail System 2500


A3 MIG Rail System is a battery-operated model, it does not need to be connected to other welding equipment or an external power supply. You save the cable investment cost and, without extra cables, taking the equipment where you need it is quicker and the working environment safer.











Weld 25% more per year

WiseFusion makes it possible to weld at a significantly higher speed, providing the same quality level and throat thickness as with a conventional spray and pulse arc. Synergic fusion is 20% faster than 1-MIG and pulsed fusion, and even 38% faster than conventional pulse welding. Welding speed increases from 60 cm/min to 72 cm/min, and arc-on time is 4% higher as there is no need for arc length adjustments (50-52% duty cycle). One of our use cases actually proved that you can weld 161 km (25%) more during the year with WiseFusion!



What's in the system ?



Kemppi FastMig M 420 Power source product image

FastMig M 420 Power source

The FastMig M 420 is a top performance multi-purpose power source, suitable for many applications. This unit is made for those who are looking to optimize welding productivity and quality.

Kemppi MXF 65 EL Wire feeder product image

MXF 65 EL Wire feeder

EL wire feeder versions are suitable for synergic MS control panels. Flexibility and performance for all welding applications in today’s medium and heavy industries. This unit is compatible with 300 mm spool and is covered in an aluminum casing..

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FastMig MS 300 control panel

MS control panel, which includes easy-to-use synergic functionality and a rich selection of additional features for optimizing your welding work. These packages are suitable for professional use in more demanding industrial applications. This panel is for for MXF 65 EL and MXF 67 EL wire feeders.

Kemppi A3 MIG Rail Welding Carriage product image

A3 MIG Rail Welding Carriage

Battery operated welding carriage driven by a robust electronic motor and equipped with welding gun holder. Battery has 8 hours of operating time and is commonly available, being an industry standard version. Lightweight carriage is easy to lift and move around.

Kemppi Rail 2500 with magnets product image

Rail 2500 with magnets

Flexible high quality aluminum rails with extra strong magnets. Flexible 2.5 m long rails can used on different kind of surfaces from flat, curved to round up from 1500 OD onwards.

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MMT 42C is a welding gun for mechanized welding. This gun is available in 3 m (6254205) and 4 m (6254207). Gas cooled, 420 A.