KR 480 R3330 MT (KR 500 FORTEC)

KR 480 R3330 MT (KR 500 FORTEC)

The heavy duty robot in MT-version (MachiningTooling) is a substantial gain for the application area milling. It can be used as a machine tool with an integrated milling spindle for various materials. Also available as foundry-version.

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Payload 480

Working envelope

Max. reach 3326 mm

Other data and variants

Number of axes 6
Mounting positions floor
Controller KR C4

Suitable for this application
Handling, loading and unloading   Packaging and order picking   Other handling operations
Welding and soldering   Spot welding   Laser welding
Other welding processes   Metal casting machines, foundry plants   Machining
Laser cutting   Waterjet cutting   Machining
Other machining operations   Assembly   Fastening
Inserting, mounting   Other assembly/disassembly operations   Cutting machine tools