Laser Cladding

Laser Cladding

This Laser Cladding machine is built according to customers demand, for the repair of worn parts and protection of new ones.

More details

This machine does not only include cladding, it is also designed to be closely linked to your engineering department. A three dimensional CAD software allows to tailor the best pattern before any production. The fully automated 6 axes CNC machine will then guarantee that parts up to 15m can be cladded with the highest quality standards.


  • Low heat input keeps dilution to a minimum and the alloy maintains optimum wear-resistant properties.
  • The heat affected zone is very thin under the surface and part distortion is avoided
  • Thin walled components are not damaged and mechanical porperties are not significantly modified
  • Reproducible process
  • Homogeneous coating deposition and a constant and controlled quality