The classic line & The standard redefined

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2017-03-29 14:38:42



MIG/MAG welding torches MB EVO PRO.

The ultimate torch for handling comfort …

Easier welding in

every position …


The MB EVO PRO torch series represents a totally new concept in welding torch design, form and function. Unique ergonomics, following extensive

research, provide a greater sense of control, enabling the welder to feel as “one” with his torch.The trigger position, trigger design and ball joint

construction guarantee optimum balance and comfort in all welding positions.



Tough working conditions are to be expected when MIG/MAG welding. Despite their lower weight and sophisticated design, the new MB EVO PRO torch

line sets new benchmarks for strength and durability. Featuring newly designed, more robust fittings and improved space inside the handle for ease of servicing.

Technology for professionals.


Torch handle in glove as one.


Reduced muscle strain of up to 35 % …

Due to a mass reduction up to 34 % (when fitted with a 4 m cable) ABICOR BINZEL sets the benchmark for “performance to torch weight ratio” and overall handling weight.



In the study carried out under real working conditions, quality measurements were taken for welding speed, torch angle, arc length, seam appearance etc., these were then recorded in an augmented reality welding simulator. All measured factors have real impact on the quality of the welding seam. Therefore the science proved: reduced muscle strain makes better welding possible.


MB EVO PRO torches guarantee better results …

Temperature measurement

The cooling system of liquid cooled MB EVO PRO torches is optimized through sophisticated construction enhancements and new material combinations. Wear part operating temperatures have been reduced by more than 100° Celsius, when compared to competitor torches. In practice, this means a smoother more stable arc, which significantly improves parts lifetime, especially when welding at
higher power.


MIG/MAG Welding Torches MB EVO PRO, air cooled


The perfect combination of handling and performance …

 Air cooled MB EVO PRO welding torches feature the reduced weight “BIKOXR LW” cable assembly, for even better handling and scientifically proven

reduced operator fatigue, in all welding positions. Improved handling and reduced strain have been shown to have a measurable impact on weld seam


1 Proven “MB” wear parts – for long, economic service life.

2 Genuine two-component handle – robust and ergonomic.

3 Optimum trigger position and tapered handle design – for precise predictable handling.

4 Unique internal geometry for air cooled torches – enabling a cooler grip with maximum mechanical strength.

5 Low weight BIKOXR (LW) – offering weight reduction of up to 34 %.

6 Robust, optimized central connector.


MIG/MAG Welding Torches MB EVO PRO, liquid cooled


It‘s the detail that makes the difference …

The appeal of liquid cooled MB EVO PRO torches is further enhanced due to the redesigned cooling concept and selected material combination. Improved

front end cooling increases wear part service life and realises extra performance reserves, enabling welding at higher power outputs.


1 Highest quality “MB” wear parts combined with optimized torch cooling – for maximum service life.

2 Genuine two-component handle – robust and ergonomic.

3 Optimum trigger position and tapered handle design – for precise predictable handling.

4 Simplified constructions easies repair through the provision of greater space for maintenance.

5 High performance hoses with a special protective fabric – enhancing flexibility and comfort.

6 Robust, optimized central connector with protected hose guide.


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