• Designed in accordance to internationally recognized standards EN ISO, BSP, CGA, NFE and AS.
  • Manufactured under the quality management of EN ISO 9001.
  • 100 % Quality Assurance Testing.
  • Heavy duty, durable construction.
  • Forged brass body and housing cap.
  • Heavy duty flow meter with shatter proof Polymer lens.
  • Pressure relief valve & Burst Disc on flow meter to ensure maximum safety.
  • Unique Central Sintered filter protects valve seat from foreign particles and contaminants.
  • Internal design reduces gas velocity to prevent fluctuation of valve seat.
  • Soft valve seat to ensure leak tightness and increase life span.
  • Inlet pressure gauge and outlet flowmeter with dual scale.
  • Fire-retardant valve seat material.
  • Outlet pressure relief valve on regulator body ensures operator safety.
  • Internal limit lock to maintain stable and constant pressure to flow meter to ensure accurate and stable gas flow.
  • Large internal engineering to achieve comparatively high gas flow characteristics and pressure stability.
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime due to maintenance-free technology.
  • German engineered for optimum performance and long life.


Tornado Type Standard Gas Type Inlet Pressure Flow Rate Article No.



200 bar 2900 psi 16l/min/34scfh 770.52798
30l/min/64scfh 770.52799
LDFM2/B-Ar BSP 16l/min/34scfh 770.52800
30l/min/64scfh 770.52801
LDFM2/F-Ar NFE 16l/min/34scfh 770.52802
30l/min/64scfh 770.52803
LDFM2/AS-Ar AS 20000 Kpa 2900 psi 16l/min/34scfh 770.52804
30l/min/64scfh 770.52805